St. John

1. Agios Ioannis - Kormokopos. Signposted with white square and blue circle in the middle. Is smooth and crosses the beautiful forest of old pine and cypress trees west of the village and ends almost suddenly in a wild landscape and imposing. Arrived in place Kormokopos will find the open cave with water. Requires hiking about 2 hours.
2. Agios Ioannis - Agios Pavlos - Ag Roumeli. Prominent, downhill, indicated by square in black and red. Starting from the village passed from good resources, point with stunning views and descends to the old culvert wonderful path through the trees to the beach of Saint Paul. From there, the trail continues west on foot for about an hour to the village of Agia Roumeli.
3. Ai-Yiannis Kroussia. The route begins north of the village, through mountain road, passing through the beautiful forest. After 6km., And course 2 hours ascent we reach the historic district in the Turkish period, Kroussia. There is an old mitato and water source. For the more discerning, from here starts another path to the northwest, where after two hours ascent ends at the top Zaranokefala, at 2,140 m altitude.
4. Agios Ioannis - Livaniana. A very old trail connects Livaniana with Agios Ioannis. Originally crosses a small but interesting canyon, crosses the gorge Aradaina and continues across to Azogyras, where old settlement next to the ruins, preserved an ancient olive grove. The trip lasts two and a half hours.


1. Chora -Mouri. The road that goes to Anopoli and 500. right, we find a rough road building, intended to reach the berries. Following the road to the end and then the trail climbs to the berries. On the way we will find the settlement Kabros and finally the berries. The journey takes 3 hours.
Smaller milder routes. a) Chora - beach Ilingas. Duration 0.20 'b) Chora - canyon Papa Lagos. Crossing the homonymous gorge starts from the gas station north of the village. Duration 2 hours return. c) Chora - Sfakiano canyon. East of the country at 2 km is the exit of the gorge. Course need four hours to climb and return. d) Chora - Thymianos - Komitades. From the main road, we reach the intersection Fragokastello. Right go down the Chora road to Thymianos Virgin and the cave of St. Anthony. We continue to comets and the Byzantine chapel of St. George. Back to the Chora.  The total length of the route and back is 3 hours. e) Smaller very beautiful tours, may constitute 46 of the 100 churches that existed in the surrounding area, enjoying the view from different corners of the Chora !


Map of Sfakia

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