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Mobile friendly site

  • What is a Mobile Friendly Site

A mobile friendly site, it is nothing more than one site, well designed to display on mobile phones and tablet

Your visitors are able to see the same content tailored fit either onto a computer or enter the mobile or tablet them.

Finally, a mobile friendly site, is an innovation which go past more and more companies, thus gaining new customers who use their cell phones to surf the internet, over their competitors who have not properly designed site for use by mobile phone.

  • Advantages Mobile Friendly Site

  1. Your visitors do not need to make "zoom" to see the content of your site.

  2. The content is visible.

  3. You directly provide to your visitors the ability to use features that are all mobile phones like the phone call and Global Positioning System (gps).

  4. Which lightweight content, so soon as "uploading", less handling information and faster viewing.


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