Agia Roumeli

The magnificent pebble beach extends over 3 km. length and is located in the gorge of Samaria, in the seaside village. Access is from the canyon, from the sea, 9V. miles of Sfakia, and 7 hours of trail also from the town. On the east coast embraces' after the river gorge, there are wonderful caves, which have beautiful beaches in front of them. In these beaches can be isolated. Even further, the beach becomes more rocky and suitable for observation of the bottom grille. On the west coast 'Armpit', east and west of a small pier for boats, there are two beautiful beaches. The main beach west of the harbor, is well organized and has also pedalos. In the village you will find all services.


The picturesque seaside village of Crete. Access is by sea daily, and from Sfakia, and walk 45 minutes from Anopoli or 1.5 hours from Sfakia. The main beach in front of the village is organized. Here you can kayak, as notice the bottom with a mask and if you're lucky, you might see marine visitors Loutro, turtles caretta-caretta. East Beach is ceramics and both are pebbled. Here you will find tavernas, rooms and apartments, and quiet bars.

Gluka Nera

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of southern Crete, which the Times of London in 2003 revealed the 20 most beautiful in Europe. Great wonderful beach with pebbles beneath cliffs, which took its name from the freshwater springs that flow adjacent to and in the sea. Access is by boat from Sfakia or hike an hour from town and also bath. There are few trees for shade, and a canteen with little umbrellas. Also there is the ruined church of Aghia Paraskevi.


Lovely beach located 1.5 km west Ag.Roumeli and accessible only by sea. Has cold blue waters, fine pebbles and is surrounded by pine trees and there is a cave in the middle of. The beach is protected by the Berne Convention, and here lives the native plant Hypericum aciferum. You can see many yellow badge showing signs that there is this plant that has yellow flowers.


Lovely small beach with crystal clear waters, fine pebbles and sand. Located 1 km from the western edge of Agia Roumeli. Access is only by boat. Its name comes from a reef-like monk. The reef is standing at a height into the sea and towering far.

Agios Pavlos

A wonderful sandy beach in Piso Seashore, 3 km east of the St. Roumeli and 6 km west of Bath, at the exit of the wild canyon Eligia. Access is by sea, and hiking. The hike from Agia Roumeli lasts one hour, otherwise accessed from St.John approximately 1.30 hours. In point is the beautiful pine forest 'Selouda'. Its name derives from the Byzantine church that is built on the beach. Here was storm tossed the Apostle Paul on his journey to Rome. Tradition says that in the adjacent source baptized pagans. It was built by St. John the stranger 9th century cruciform architecture and frescoes dating to the 13th century. The beach is ideal for camping. There is a tavern with a few rooms.



Map of Sfakia

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